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Smith’s Marina

Bay Engineering, Inc. performed professional services for the development of a 5,000 sq.ft. marina store and office on a 2.98 acre tract located at 529 Ridgley Road, Crownsville, Maryland. Site design for the proposed building and parking areas, providing engineering services including grading, parking analysis and layout, stormwater management analysis and design, private utility layout, and sediment and erosion control design. The site has private well and septic and coordination with the Anne Arundel County Department of Health was required along with requiring private septic and utility easements. The site is also located within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area and all additional critical area criteria were followed in the design of this site. The site required a request for a variance to the Anne Arundel County code as well as a rezoning request and a request for non-conforming use. The property was rezoned from the existing R2 to MA2. A variance was grated to allow disturbance to steep slopes and the shore line buffer, and a reduction to road setbacks. The non-conforming use of a marina store and office was also granted for the site. Additional services included inspection of the proposed stormwater management facility and coordination with county agencies.

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The James

Bay Engineering, Inc. performed professional services for a six-story proposed 237 residential apartment building. Responsibilities included site layout and design of onsite stormwater management facilities, step pool conveyance system and stream restoration. The site incorporates the use of nonstructural practices (sheet flow to conservation areas), alternative surfaces (permeable pavers), and microscale practices (micro-bioretention areas with enhanced filters) to meet stormwater management requirements for the development. This SPSC system is designed to convey runoff from the 100-year storm for the drainage area to its downstream end. The proposed stream improvements incorporate a SPSC system through the main stream channel, as well as boulder weirs to create plunge pools at two headwalls that discharge runoff from the west side of Admiral Cochrane Drive. The design is an extension of the downstream Wilelinor SPSC system, to alleviate any erosion problem throughout the length of improvements, and to slow down flows into Church Creek. A detailed watershed and stream study was conducted on the offsite receiving stream, including a detailed hydrogolical study and HEC-RAS analysis of both existing and post-development conditions.

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