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Brightview Senior Living, LLC

Bay Engineering, Inc. performed professional services for a 154 unit assisted living facility. A single-family home was raised on this site and the property subdivided for an assisted living facility and two single family lots. Utilities including water, sewer and storm drain were extended to serve the 154 unit assisted living facility and the two other lots. Stormwater management is being treated utilizing a combination of micro bioretention areas and permeable pavement. Inspector for the stormwater management facilities during the construction phase of the project.

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Spring Arbor Senior Living

Bay Engineering, Inc. performed professional services for an approximate 10-acre property zoned R-5. This site was developed as an assisted living facility, Spring Arbor. It consists of 80 units. This project required obtaining a Special Exception for its type of use in R-5 zoning. Water and sewer were extended within the site to serve the facility. Stormwater management is treated by a combination of permeable pavement and bioretention areas, as well as the retrofit of an existing pond for water quantity. These ESD practices were implemented to the MEP as required by the state and county.

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Pathways Treatment Center

Bay Engineering, Inc. performed professional services for design of civil/site plan for construction of a 30,000 square foot hospital facility in the Parole Town Center area. Prepared a detailed site plan, designed a grading plan, on-site storm drainage system, stormwater management systems, and sediment/erosion control measures. A detailed study was performed of the storm drainage characteristics of the proposed development, and a stormwater management system was designed to perform stormwater quality and quantity management for the site.

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