LEED Certified


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
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When assisting in the efforts to make a project LEED certified, Bay Engineering, Inc. plays a key role in the site design by providing the needed expertise with regards to stormwater management practices and site specific needs. Within the 41 employees, the company principals and many of the licensed and LEED Certified staff members have over 25 years of experience in surveying and engineering.

Bay Engineering, Inc. is the design engineer for the site work for National Business Park, a 28.4 acre office complex located in Annapolis Junction, MD at the intersection of National Business Parkway and Technology Drive. We have finalized the site design for five buildings and two parking structures within National Business Park, providing engineering services including grading, parking analysis and layout, storm drain design, stormwater management analysis and design, utility layout, and sediment and erosion control design. Three of these five buildings are 125,000 sf each, and two are 162,000 sf each.

Parking for these buildings is provided via approximately 2300 surface parking spaces, a one-level parking deck, and a multi-level parking garage. The site is served by public water and sewer, and runoff is conveyed via a private storm drain system to three “wet” stormwater management ponds. The site design of these five buildings has been particularly unique in that two of the five buildings are “secure” buildings and meet site design criteria established by the Department of Defense Minimum Antiterrorism Standards, and all five buildings are LEED projects with and/or working toward certification as silver rated LEED buildings for Core and Shell. LEED determination was performed on a building-by-building basis in lieu of certification for the entire complex, and Bay Engineering, Inc. established LEED boundaries for each building to maximize LEED points among the multiple LEED criteria categories. We analyzed the LEED site credits and water efficiency credits to identify potential site modifications that could contribute points to the LEED score card to contribute toward the silver rating for each building. We incorporated site design features to maximize the LEED points for site credits as appropriate for the project, including alternative transportation, reduced site disturbance, qualitative and quantitative stormwater management, and sediment erosion control, and documented each credit for the LEED committee’s review. Bay Engineering, Inc. is also currently working on the conceptual site layout of four additional buildings and two parking structures within the National Business Park, which will also be LEED green buildings and/or “secure” buildings.